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We are driven by our dedication and love for typography, and see it as a focal point of brand design work. So-type is a Swedish digital foundry who gather designers who have been designing custom typefaces for a long time with more than 15 typefaces together, 50+ individually.



Bespoke typefaces

We offer commercial typefaces, bespoke typefaces, semi-bespoke typefaces and products. Our offer will be growing organic, adding a variety of new typefaces along the year, and only when we have something great to add! We also host design talks and give lectures spreading our love and dedication for typography. Stay up to date with that and new releases by following us on Instagram and Twitter.

Font development

Type design requires a fully dedicated attention and experts eyes. We can help you taking your type projects to the next level while respecting your design vision to master the typeface you have in mind.



New technologies
Type technology evolves constantly, introducing new functionalities to support the needs of users and designers.
Ask us about your needs. From responsive typography to multicolour, animated and emoji typefaces, you would be surprised by what modern type technologies can do.

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