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Even if So-type is a quite new foundry we, as individual designers, have been designing custom typefaces for a long time with more than 15 typefaces together, 50+ individually.

Custom made typefaces are strong brand identity carriers. It’s visually powerful, sustainable over time and cost effective.
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In addition to the power of typeface in brand design there are also important technical aspects:



License costs for using existing fonts vary a lot and tend to rise for brands with well visited sites (page views, visitors etcetera). A custom font is a one-off cost and therefore a moneysaver for many brands and companies.



A custom typefaces gives you full control. Special adaptations for channels and environments can easily be made. For large companies it’s an easy way to ensure that everyone within the organisation alongside subcontractors use the same typeface, ensuring a unitary brand experience.


Specially designed

Goes without saying but a custom typeface is specially designed to the unique needs of the business and the brand identity.


Short cycles

Typographical cycles can become shorter in some contexts, i.e communication campaigns. This makes it possible for the industry today to develop a short-lived fonts.

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